About us

Patricia Muñiz Núñez

Patricia Muñiz Núñez [A Coruña, 1974]. Architecture PhD, A Coruña University, with Extraordinary Award. Master Metrópolis in Urban Culture, Polytechnic University of Cataluña. International Cooperation Postgraduate and COAG prize for investigation. Associate Lecturer at University of Coruna.

[@] patricia@mmasa.net

Luciano González Alfaya

Luciano González Alfaya [Pontevedra, 1974]. Architect, A Coruña University. Planning and Land Strategies Master, Santiago de Compostela University. Urban Growth Graduate, Monterrey TEC. Urban Planning High Technician. Associate Lecturer at USJ-CESUGA Architecture School.  

[@] luciano@mmasa.net

Mmasa Studio was funded in A Coruña, during 2004, and its actually working between Spain and México. Managed by Patricia Muñiz and Luciano Alfaya, architects trained in A Coruña, Madrid, Barcelona, Oporto, Rotterdam and Edinburgh Universities. Both of them have been Lectures at Manterrey TEC (México), between January 2014 and June 2015, at Tel Aviv College of Management, in 2013, and at A Coruña University, between 2009 and 2013. They have also been speakers and invited Lectures in over ten Spanish towns, and in Austria, Portugal, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Israel, Switzerland, México, Costa Rica and Argentina.

Mmasa Studio has been recognized with the “Bienal Española de Arquitectura y Urbanismo” Award in 2018 and selected for the 2019 “Bienal Iberoamericana”. They have also been recognized with several awards in international and national contests, highlighting the Europan 10 award in Poland and several public buildings in Spain, like for example O Barco and Almagro Courts, and the Cambeses Public Housing Authoritiy Building in Vigo. Their projects have been spread and named in several publications and media, like for example Metalocus, “AV Proyectos”, Baulwelt, Detail, “Via Construcción”, “La Voz”, “El País” or N.Y.Times.

In the urban planning field they have conducted several investigation projects about town and land transformation, highlighting “A Cidade dos Barrios” (The neighbourhood town), which was awarded with the COAG Land Planning Award 2012, and several projects related to mobility and landscape upgrading. In parallel, they have developed an extensive cultural activity, driving editorial projects, as well as exhibition and dissemination projects. Between 1999 and 2007 they have been directors of the Architecture International Encounter.


  • Angela Martinez (Ferrol, A Coruña, 1980): Architect, A Coruña University. Renewable Energies and Efficiency Master. She has worked in Ames at “Oficina de Arquitectura y Urbanismo” (2009-2012), and at Inter-national Desing in Rotterdam during 2015. She collaborates with Mmasa since August 2016, as the Architecture Area Coordinator.
  • David Lopez Wilkes (Worcester, 1981). Geographer with more than seven years of experience in the international development cooperation sector, GIS, land development and environment, as Project Coordinator and GIS , Data Base and Land Management Technician. He collaborates with Mmasa since August 2018, as Urban Analysis Coordinator.
  • Antia Martinez (Salceda de Caselas, 1993): Architect, A Coruña ETSAC. She collaborates with Mmasa since 2017 developing Urban Analysis and Mobility Plans.
  • Xose Suarez (A Coruña, 1971): Studied Architecture at A Coruña ETSAC. He previously collaborated with “Naos Arquitectura y Prefabricadora” and worked as freelance involved in several projects. He colaborates with Mmasa since 2018, developing Architectural Projects.
  • Hugo Felix Sanchez (Aguascalientes, 1976): Architect, UAA and Architectural Design Master, UPC. Since February 2015, he´s been collaborating with Mmasa managing the Mexican brand.