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In collaboration with Cipriano Chas

Finalist Architecture Plus 2011 Awards

Selected work: Spanish Biannual of Architecture and Urbanism 2009/2010

Selected work amongst the Spanish Young Architects for the Arquia/Próxima Biannual Award 2008/2009

Selected work Exposition: «Efímeras. Arquitecturas Habitables», of the Ministry of Development.

BubBle proposes the resolution of a minimum residential living space, not permanent, which can settle on different spaces, underused, of the actual towns, and that can be built by only one person. The solution for four basic problems which are actually not being solved by temporal and conventional structures, is suggested: To own a uniform height on all its surface; A recovering structure which will provide isolation and an adaptable comfort to the environmental circumstances; A solid structure which warranties its stiffness and minimum hygienic conditions.

It is an autonomous, nomad and flexible housing mechanism, which allows its occupants to give an answer to diverse temporary situations. It is composed by a basic kit for 2 day stays and different kit accessories which will complement the needs for longer stays. It pretends to reclaim a space and a moment for non-permanent housing. It defends the possibility of creating residential contemporary unities, which introducing themselves in the interstitial spaces of the city, will complete the operation and allow the progressive settlement of newcomers or displaced in general.