Unión Europea

Urban Park and Hostel. 2018

Lalín, Pontevedra

The two main decisions of this project were to avoid municipal land and the opening of a Pilgrims Hostel.

Manuel Rivero Street will be the starting point for the progressive forestation of the central spaces in Lalín.

In order to guarantee the position of a «green node» for this town, it is considered important to do a proper topographic treatment which will allow to understand the free space as a transition between different street levels, warrantying universal accessibility.

For the space that in the future may be allocated for free housing, a sequence of spaces are proposed, generated by the land topography. Also highlighted by the building of three removable pergolas.

In the free zones, the tendency will be to re-naturalize the space.

Regarding the treatment of Manuel Rivero Street, a unique platform structure is established with a distinction of materials and diferent laying according to the needs.