Unión Europea

Playground and cycle path. 2017


In order for the citizens to re-appropriate a space, the first step will be to facilitate the connectivity. The second step, linked to the first one, will be to increase the citizen’s interest in getting closer to a certain place. In this case, the project undertakes both strategies in a simultaneous way, introducing a commitment with the environment and the identification with the surroundings.

Once the detailed interventions are made, progressively, the village will turn its activities towards the harbour front, giving value to a space without slopes, with a human scale and with a sequence of sport, economic, cultural and social activities, which will allow the generation of a functional continuum through the whole space.

This first intervention, focused on the construction of a playground , divided into two playing areas, has enough attraction capacity to initiate a mental change regarding the usage of public space, strengthening the continuous presence of the population, and transforming (decades later) Pontecesures Harbour into an encounter space and activity centre for many of the citizens.