Unión Europea

Church Park. 2018


The project arises with the demolition of a recent wall in order to extend the existing park and pointing out the value of Cambre´s Romanic Church surroundings, in A Coruña. In order to achieve this, the images of the original wall will be taken as a reference. One hundred years ago they used to border the front part of the church to define the height of the stone walls and the spacing of the upper fence.

The wall is executed recycling the existing stones and incorporating a continuous granite piece, with the same width, so it can work out as an ornamental top and anchor of the metal fence. Regarding the part near to the church, the lower wall is deleted, in order to strengthen the visibility and continuum between two spaces, extending the fence towards the plot.

Minimum interventions are being executed on the ground. They will mark possible tracks, but not transit conditions, allowing the space to be adapted to the needs in each period of the year.