Unión Europea

New Court Building. 2010

Almagro. Ciudad Real

First Price. National Contest of Ideas.

Located on the border of the Historical Artistic Complex of Almagro Town. This project has its origin on the initial decision of relinquishing the excess area suitable for building, towards the interior of the court.

Against the complex geometry of the plot and the tight surface, the solution comes from situating in the interior, an open courtyard that will articulate both levels, with the traditional courtyards as a reference, and upgrading the environmental conditions of the room.

Volumetrically, it will be defined through the maximum allowed height and perimeter boundaries, with the only exception of a setback, in order to allow the opening of gaps in the surrounding.

The courtyard, bars, arcades, well and limestone are a reinterpretation of the traditional architecture of the area and an adaptation to the actual situation.

The visitor’s attention in the central courtyard is focused on a sculpture of Eduardo Barco, which reproduces the importance of the wells in the traditional architecture of “Castilla La Mancha”.