Unión Europea

My tinny house. 2016

A Coruña

In collaboration with Borja Pérez

Second Award. Open Contest: Ideas, home, and collective space, for homeless people.

The international legal tools gathers the people´s right to a proper home, with dignity and security conditions.

Nevertheless, every year more people live under poverty conditions and social exclusion. Many of them without a home.

Our proposal, apart from resolving the conditions of a proper home, is focused on the communal spaces: those that strengthen contacts with other people, strengthen self-esteem and pride, help with restoration, and allow flexibility of everything that we need to do.

We design from privacy, giving each person a private home. Above all, from self-esteem and autonomy, living independently but in the community.

Each space has 7,20 m2  built. They are equipped with a sink and toilet in one individual piece, storage spaces, a bed and a folding table which will allow other space usage.

It is planned to pre-fabric the modules (because of promptness, and adaptability to usages and situations), even do respecting the same parametres of isolation and habitability, as any other traditional constructive system.