Unión Europea

Market and “Casa da Lamprea” (Lamprea´s House). 2016

Pontecesures, Pontevedra

In collaboration with Carlos Besada

Pontecesures has a big historical link with the Ulla River.

The passage of the years has separated urban activities from the riverbank.

Nowadays, the need for a place that dignifies the cultural link between inhabitant and land has been identified.

The market restoration, through the unification of materials, the re-dimension of the roof, cleaning and integration of toilets is a previous step in order to improve the value of the building. 

After the demolition of the upper level, which restores the original façade, a small block was added, with a simple and functional program of toilets and a gourmet stand. Named “Casa da Lamprea” (The Lamprey House), this block works as an information and dynamization point for the whole area. A new shade and transit area was prepared, in order to accommodate all the visitors and at the same time, there is an integration of the public space during the rest of the year.

The simple combination of a metal structure and the strategic distribution of the vegetation allows us to create a cosy and pleasant space.