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O Barco Courthouse. 2007

O Barco de Valdeorras. Ourense

First Price. National Contest of Ideas. Finalist “Colegio de Arquitectos de Galicia” Awards 2010. Selected construction amongst the best 128 designs of the Spanish young architects in the Arquia/”Próxima Bienio” Contest 2008/2009.

The building has been resolved with the repeating of the three judicial offices in the upper levels and waiting lounge and common uses in the base floor and first floor.

From the access doorstep, the register position is visualized, as well as the courtroom, the control area and the upper level access.

The vertical parameters are a constant element in the building, in order to create spaces with different dimensions attending to the estimated use.

The symbolic importance of the justice transparency is used for the illumination and natural ventilation of the interior spaces. The façade gaps progressively decrease according to the height because the light influence will be bigger.  

The façade towards the new park strengthens its urban condition and presents itself as a vertical continuum with a volume including less height, which allows to discern the trees inside the plot.

The building façade towards that interior space stablishes a proximity dialogue with the surrounding buildings.