Unión Europea

Interaction Spaces for a future. 2016

Aman. Jordania

In collaboration with Cristina Botana, Saja Nashashibi and Giulia Moro

Place and Displacement Contest Mention

The problem we are tackling in our proposal for the city of Aman, is the situation of the refugee teenagers (15 – 18 years), out of the learning system without any future warranty, and vulnerable to exploitation and forced labour.

This project offers a support program for these youngsters, trying to give them back the motivation for restarting their studies and offer professional training regarding the most requested professions. Providing them with the adequate abilities to ingrate them into the local market.

On the other hand, young Jordan’s, fight against a precarious labour market which offers scarce opportunities to access high qualification jobs according to their studies level.

The objective of this proposal is to create a tutorial program through mentors and workshops in order to tackle this situation.