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Humanization. Street and plaza.. 2018

As Neves

Like in other Galician villages, the church of As Neves, has been a roundabout for years, in order to organize the traffic. The progressive process of pedestrianization affecting other roads, has also been proposed in the surroundings of the church, starting with the implementation of a unique platform, which gives pedestrian priority, but also allows road traffic.  

Nature elements and urban furniture will be installed on a unique and continuous stone platform which demarcates the spaces with restrictions for vehicles. The central space is additionally demarcated with light points. They mark the main traffic axles.

In a faraway part of the church, where the traffic gets more intense, more continuum will be given to this unique platform. On the other hand, the surface will be changed to concrete, initiating its extension towards Rosalía de Castro Street, and up to the School. Small light points next to the existing wall will be installed, as well as widening works for the creation of resting zones.