Unión Europea

Pocitos Forum. 2015

Aguascalientes. Mexico

In collaboration with Hugo Félix Sánchez

This is the first building that forms part of the new Delegation of Pocitos, located in the suburbs of Aguascalientes. Destined to be a place for citizen coexistence. 

The project avoids the standardization of spaces, dissolving the dichotomy between open and closed, between public and private. Taking this into account, the structure acquires an important presence, allowing the dissemination of the interior space to generate a continuity with the exterior area. 

The location of the building or parking lot near to the access way has been rejected, which allows us to generate a social preamble of the building through the development of a public space with variable topography.

The building will be completed with a bigger piece, which will be the administrative delegation of the Pocitos District. The relation between both volumes will confer a multidimensional sequence towards the access between both.