Unión Europea

Yacht Club "Illa de Arousa". 2014

Illa de Arousa. Pontevedra

In collaboratión with Javier Rocamonde, Natalia Alvaredo and Silvia González

First Price. Contest of ideas.

Modifying a natural environment, especially next to the sea, must always be a meditated decision and only justified because of the needs of the place that´s going to be occupied. A sailing center is one of those scarce exceptions.  

The proposal comes from the premise of minimum alteration and with an answer of low multiscale impact.

A logical sequence of yacht protection is developed, especially for the “dorna” (typical Galician rowboat), which forms part of the collective imaginary and needs to be protected during winter. During summer time, they could be in the beach, to avoid hiding them from the visitors, but also for them to be part of the local images.

We propose a textile cover, which will initially protect the “dornas”, covering and unifying all the spaces needed. Located in an easy volumetry, easily constructed and maintained.