Unión Europea

City of Justice. 2016

Vigo, Pontevedra

In colaboration with Arkylab, "HFS Arquitectura"

Second Price. Contest of ideas.

The starting point comes from the intervention in a historical building, through urban regeneration with a force piece. The project begins deleting all the add-ons that have been occupying the space that surrounds the main building.

The urban flow is the first argumentative axis of the project. This is achieved with the emptiness and with the proposed vegetation, and completed with the partial pedestrianization of the adjacent street.  

The new building emerges to provide the courtrooms with more height and a correct circulation.

A continuous surrounding establishes a negative dialogue with the tower through different proportions, materials and uses.

At an urban level, it is easier to observe the public space continuum and the opportunity of tracing a parallel path to the street only for the pedestrians.