Unión Europea

O Ruxidoiro Primary School. 2005

A Valenzá. Barbadás. Ourense

In collaboration with Felipe Peña

First Award in Contest

The school access is separated from the principal path descending towards a group of houses. This small population centre gives us the location standards of the main access allowing us to create at the same time an entrance and a small public space with a modest plaza.

Urban disorder surrounds the building but the environment of the area compensates it. 

From this location, an initial porch and an open corridor are set towards the main entrance, which ends with a combination of lobby, central lounge and passage.

From this space, a priority circulation axis is established. A space that ensures the centrality of the access and the building functionality.

The roof formally completes the combination adding homogeneity and the structural accuracy, which the building needs.

Everything stands on the ground as a step. This gesture organizes the whole group.