Unión Europea

HOME X2. 2009

Barro. Pontevedra

Grand Area Award 2012. “Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Galicia” (Official Galician School of Architects). Included in the “ Guide for Good Practices for interventions in rural areas”.

This house is an extension of a traditional home, located between two old constructions. This serves as a transition between the constructive traditional logic of the matrix house and the lightness projected for the new arbour, located on top of the ruins of the other building.

On the upper level, both facades receiving light are liberated in order to allow the entrance of illumination into the ground floor.

The façade gaps work as frame views and avoid the excess of glass and the repetition of visual axis on all the levels.

The traditional typology, the pre-existence of the buildings and the land complexity were the starting point. For this, a progressive material and spatial dissolution is proposed, during the extension project.