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Ponteareas. Pontevedra

Grand Area Award 2012. “Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Galicia” (Official Galician School of Architects).

Positive Architecture Award. Madrid 2012. Spanish School of Architects High Board and Constructec.

This house is located in a rural area, with disperse constructions. The plot, in which the house is located, has a strong slope and does not face the thoroughfare.

Considering this, the house has no references and it is strongly dependent on the aggressive topography of the plot.

Against the excessive slope, the option is to introduce the house into the ground dividing it into two volumes that will allow a vertical transition without renouncing to the creation of two horizontal platforms. These platforms are the conventional surfaces of the house: the roof garden and the games space in front of the rooms.

The house is presented as one rocky and crude unique volume, legacy of the beginning of the project, with continuous glass apertures on the first floor.