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A Coruña

2013 COAG Land Management Award. 2009/2010 Spanish Biennial Exhibition of Urbanism and Architecture Finalist. Arquia/Proxima Award 2008/2009 Special Mention. Smart Futere Minds Award Finalist. Innova-G Awards Finalist <<Best Development focused on the inhabitants>>

The Neighbourhood City is a complementary look over A Coruña searching for forgotten perceptions and not always considered; a journey through the city neighbourhoods from the consideration of its appearance, evolution and current situation.

According to this objective, the authors propose a division of the city into eight areas. This eight areas combine the 30 neighbourhoods. In each area a different theme is addressed: <<Border Places>> evaluates the transformation processes in the limits of the constructed city.

<<Relation Spaces>> describes the development options of the interstitial spaces: <<Plural construction>>, about experiences of multiple coexistence; <<Density Strategies>> reflects the problems and opportunities of urban high density; <<Visibility Manners>> goes deeper into the media consequences of each part of the city; <<Socializing Opportunities>> evaluates the current and future communication mechanisms between neighbours; <<Centrality Processes>> reflects on the meaning of the current central city and <<Landscape Contribution>> explains the importance of recovering the interest in the territory.