Urban Strategic Planning

Like other medium-sized cities, Ponteareas suffered a hard process due to the lack of planning and the disordered growth. These facts produced the suspension of the urban plan in 2002. In the following fifteen years, Ponteareas was unable to approve a new urban development plan. In 2015, the local government contemplated a new way to elaborate an Urban Strategy that would align all the urban planning activity with common objectives.
Three seminal documents were developed to make a more humane city and curb the loss of population by improving living conditions. The first step was the elaboration of the Integrated Sustainable Urban Development Strategy that meant an inflexion point in relation to other urban planning. The following action to reinforce the Urban Strategy was the development of the Sustainable Mobility Study which focused on the improvement of urban space and the priority of pedestrian and cycle paths. These documents were completed with the elaboration of the bases for the development of urban projects. These projects will be seen and used as urban acupuncture for other degraded and obsolete areas.