Interaction spaces in Amman

Interaction Spaces for a Future. Honorable Mention in the Competition Place and Displacement; Integrating Refugee Populations within Cities. The issue we are addressing in our proposal for Amman (Jordan)  is the situation of refugee adolescents aged 15 to18 that are outside the school system without any guarantee of future and being vulnerable to exploitation and forced labor.
This project tries to offer a support program for these young people that gives them back the motivation to resume their studies and offer professional training in the most requested trades, giving them the proper skills to indulge them in local markets.
On the other hand young Jordanians also deal with a precarious labor market that offers few opportunities to access high-skill jobs according to their studies.
The aim of the proposal is to create a mentorship programme and formative workshops facing this issue.

Patricia Muñiz, Luciano Gonzalez, Cristina Botana, Saja Nashashibi (Jordan), Giulia Moro (Italy)